3 Reasons To Hire A Gutter Replacement Company To Put On Your New Gutters

If your gutters were twisted off in a storm or if they're just old and need to be replaced, you might wonder if you can do the job yourself. It may not look too difficult, and you can buy sectional gutters at a home improvement store. However, there are several reasons it's a good idea to let professionals handle your gutter replacements. Here are three reasons why.

1. A Gutter Replacement Company Makes Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters have fewer seams than sectional gutters, and that's a good enough reason alone to hire professionals. Fewer seams mean a lower risk of leaking. Seamless gutters are extruded at your home to the exact length needed to fit your house. They are custom-made, and they can be made from metal or vinyl in a few different colors.

Seamless gutters still need a few seams. These are located where the troughs meet downspouts and where end caps are put on, but the long troughs that hold and move water won't have seams since a trough is a single piece and not put together with sections.

2. A Professional Knows The Right Size And Placement

There are important things to know about getting new gutters. When you let a gutter replacement professional install your gutters, you don't have to worry about knowing important details. For example, the size of the gutters you need is specific to the size and slope of your roof as well as your local climate.

The contractor thinks about the heaviest rain that's expected in your area and how fast your roof sheds it, so they put on gutters that can handle the volume of water expected during heavy rains. They also need to know how many downspouts will be needed and the best places to put them.

Placing the hangers on your house is an important part of a gutter replacement. The hangers need to be close enough together that they don't sag. They need to be positioned so the troughs are at a slight slant so water rolls quickly toward the downspout.

3. Professionals Have Experience So They Stay Safe

Gutter replacement is not easy since a lot of the work is done on a ladder. You could easily fall while stretching out to hang a gutter. This is especially dangerous if your home has two levels. Still, if your home only has a single level, you may want to hire professionals for safety reasons. You might hurt yourself or damage your gutters by leaning on them. Professionals replace gutters routinely, so they know how to stay safe, and they have enough help so they can get the job done quickly.

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