How Can You Tell If A Really High Roof Needs To Be Replaced?

Normally if you are wondering whether a roof needs to be replaced, you can look up at the roof and take note of issues such as peeling shingles, missing shingle granules, or saggy spots. But what if your roof is really tall and you can't see it? You may not be comfortable climbing up a ladder that tall, either. The good news is that you can still look out for signs that your roof needs to be replaced — even if you can't really see the roof itself. Here are some other signs that your roof may be due for replacement.

You have several little leaks

One big leak may not mean that you need a new roof. It may just mean that your roof was damaged in a storm, and the damaged part of the roof needs to be repaired. If there are multiple little leaks, on the other hand, this is often because the roof wearing out all over, and parts of the roof have become worn enough to let water in. You can detect small roof leaks by going into your attic. You might see some little pools of water on the rafters, or you may see some moist or moldy spots on the insulation. If possible, go up in the attic and look for these signs of leaks after it rains; you're more likely to find them before the water dries up.

Your gutters are filled with roof debris

The next time you clean your gutters, pay attention to the material you are pulling out of them. Is it mostly leaves, or are you seeing a lot of little, pebble-like pieces and chunks of shingles? If the gutters are filling up with shingle granules and other roof debris, then your roof is breaking down and needs to be replaced soon.

You see shingles in the yard

When it has been windy outside, take a look around your yard and neighbors' yards. Do you see chunks of shingles, or maybe even whole shingles, that look like the ones on your roof? A couple of missing shingles may not immediately cause a leak, but you do need to have a roofer out to replace them. If the shingles are getting scattered over your yard, again and again, this often means a roof replacement is nigh.

When you have a really tall roof, you have to be extra vigilant when looking out for signs of roof deterioration. The ones discussed above are all pretty good indicators that you need a new roof.

Reach out to a roofer for more info.

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