Why You Need An Annual Roof Inspection And What's Included

An annual roof inspection is important for any type of roof, but it's especially important for an asphalt shingle roof since shingles can be damaged by many things. Here's why you should make an annual roof inspection a routine form of property maintenance and things a roofer looks for as they perform the inspection. 

Why An Annual Roof Inspection Is Important

Checking your roof on a regular schedule allows you to know about minor problems so they can be repaired before they turn into big leaks. It's possible to have a roof leak and not realize it, and that's why it's important to check your roof for damage. Fixing problems while they're small can save you from the large expense of repairing water damage to your house.

You might glance up at your roof from the yard regularly to look for missing and crooked shingles, but to do a roof inspection properly, it's necessary to get up on your roof to see all areas of the roof and examine them closely. This makes it possible to find small holes gnawed by rats, missing granules from swaying branches, and other types of minor damage.

What Your Roofer Does During An Inspection

An annual roof inspection is mostly a visual inspection. The roofer checks the top of your roof and the underside from your attic. They look for all kinds of damage to the shingles, flashing, and deck. In addition to things like cracks, holes, nail pops, curled shingles, and loose adhesive, they'll also look for algae or moss, signs of pest activity, signs of water damage, and loss of granules.

Your roofer also prepares a report detailing the results of the inspection. They can also give you a certification of the condition of the roof and its expected lifespan if you request it. A certification is an added cost and not needed unless your insurance company or mortgage lender wants it.

What Affects The Cost Of An Inspection

An annual roof inspection isn't usually cost-prohibitive. It can even save money by catching damage when it's small and can be repaired easily. Your roofer may charge a flat fee for typical residential roofs. If you have a larger-than-normal house, you may pay more.

You might also pay more if you need or want a drone inspection added that can provide images of your roof. If you suspect water damage, you might want an infrared inspection too, and that adds to the cost. However, a basic visual inspection is usually all you need for an annual roof inspection to monitor the condition of your roof over its lifespan.

Reach out to a local roofer to learn more about annual roof inspections.

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