Why Should You Choose The Standing Seam Design For Your Residential Metal Roof?

Conventional metal roofs feature an exposed fastener system where metal panels are overlapped and fastened directly on the roof deck. As a result, the fasteners remain exposed on the roof surface. A more modern way of installing metal roofing is using the standing seam design. With this installation style, the clips or fasteners used to attach the metal panels to the deck are concealed underneath the panels. This roofing system isn't just for aesthetic purposes. Below are the benefits associated with the standing seam metal roofing design.

Various Seam Designs

Standing seam metal roofs come in various design options. You can choose the color, length, width, shape, and thickness of the metal panels. What's more, you get to pick your preferred seam design as well. Below are the popular styles you can select.

Snap-lock design

This style features two legs that snap together without requiring hand seaming. The panels are attached to the roof deck using clips. Snap-lock panels are easy and cheap to install, which can significantly lower installation costs.

Nail flange design

This style is similar to the snap-lock seam design. However, the nail flange system uses fasteners or nails instead of clips to attach the panels to the roof deck. On the downside, this style doesn't work well with low-sloped roofs. Also, the fasteners can limit the ability of the panels to expand and contract.

Mechanical seam design

With this system, the metal panels don't automatically snap together. Once two panels are lined up with each other and engaged, a mechanical seaming tool is used to bend the edges and seam them together. This installation technique creates a tight seam and lowers the risk of panels coming unseamed.

Low Risk of Roof Leaks

Exposed fasteners can spell trouble for your roof. When the nails corrode or fall off due to impact from debris, they leave behind small holes that allow water to infiltrate the roof. With concealed fasteners, the panels are locked together and attached to the deck from underneath. No holes are made in the panels. Therefore, you don't have to worry about leaks caused by corroded or missing fasteners.

Allowance for Thermal Expansion

Metal roofs expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. Surface fasteners prevent natural expansion and contraction, which stresses and weakens the roof. Standing seam roofs featuring snap-lock and mechanical seam designs do not have fasteners. Instead, they have clips that do not pin down the panels. As a result, the panels expand and contract with changing temperatures. This allowance for thermal expansion protects the roof from thermal stress and premature failure.

The installation process of a standing seam metal roof requires careful preparation. You must align the panels correctly and space the clips on the panel legs properly to ensure optimal results. Therefore, engage a roofing contractor for professional residential roof installation services.

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