Taking Care Of A Shaded Roof

Shade is not good for roofs. That's no secret. It's why roofers will often recommend trimming back or removing trees that overhang your roof. It's also one reason why builders often recommend keeping outbuildings shorter than your home so they don't shade your home's roof. Sometimes, though, shading your roof is unavoidable. Maybe a shade tree is located in your neighbor's yard and they don't want to remove it. Or perhaps a neighboring home is taller than yours and shades your roof. In cases like this, you'll want to do the best you can to care for your roof and minimize the effects of the shade. Here are some ways to do that.

Treat the Roof With Herbicides

One of the main reasons why shade is bad for roofs is that it promotes moss growth. Moss loves to grow in shady areas and will set in quickly on a shaded roof, accelerating the rate of wear. Thankfully, you can pretty much prevent moss growth by periodically treating your roof with herbicides. 

It's easiest to have this done by a professional roofer since they have the equipment to safely climb up on the roof and spray it evenly. But if you're comfortable on the roof, you can instead buy roof-appropriate herbicides at a local home improvement store and apply them yourself. Check the label to see how often the product needs to be applied. Most need to be reapplied every few months.

Clean Your Gutters More Often

It's always important to clean your gutters, but when your roof is shaded, doing so often is even more important. If your gutters clog and water builds up on the roof, the moisture combined with the shade will do all sorts of roof damage. Your roof won't dry off as quickly in the shade as it would if it were to receive some sunshine. So, get into the habit of cleaning your gutters every couple of months. If they are often dirty and clogged, consider having gutter guards installed. Most roofers install them, and they're fairly affordable considering how much work they save.

While it would be best if your roof was not shaded, it's not always possible to remove the source of the shade. If your roof is shaded, make sure you have the gutters cleaned often, and also make sure you treat the roof with herbicides periodically. A roofer can help you with either of these tasks.

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