Cost-Cutting Roofing Choices That Might Cost You In The End

Many people find roofing installation, repair, and maintenance relatively expensive. Many homeowners are always looking for cost-cutting measures for roofing services, but such measures sometimes bear negative results. Below are some cost-cutting roofing steps that you should think twice before embracing.   

Embracing DIY Services

The national average for roof repair is about $1,000 though smaller repairs usually cost a few hundred dollars. Don't be tempted to go the DIY route to avoid spending that much on a roof issue, especially if you lack the relevant skills and equipment.

For one, you risk damaging the roof if you don't know what you are doing. For example, you can

  • Damage roof shingles if you fail to nail them down correctly
  • End up with a weak roof section if you don't use the right nails
  • Strip granules off asphalt shingles if you use a power washer at extremely high pressure on them

Secondly, you risk serious injuries to yourself or others in your home. For example, you can fall off the ladder, slip off the roof, or injure yourself with power tools. Lastly, you might have to hire a professional to redo your work.

Shingle Layering

Shingle layering is a roof replacement process where you don't strip off the existing roofing material; instead, you lay the new material over it. The idea is to save the money you would otherwise use to strip the old layer and dispose of the debris. Layering can indeed save you money, but it also has its cons.

For example, the two shingle layers can trap moisture between them, moisture that can damage hidden parts of the roof, such as the decking. Secondly, the weight of the two roof layers might be too much for the roof, especially if the support structures are aging. You also risk voiding your roof warranty if you don't get the layering right.

Postponing Inspection and Small Repairs

Roof inspections are necessary to spot potential or small dangers that can lead to costly problems. For example, an inspection can help you with loose or missing shingle nails. You can make the necessary repairs to prevent further roof damage.

You might think it's a waste of money to inspect a roof without apparent damage. You might even avoid spending money on minor damages. Unfortunately, you increase the risk of sudden and catastrophic damage if you ignore roof inspection and maintenance for a long time. Inspections are especially necessary after strong storms.

Contact a local roofing company, such as Premier Roofing Co, to learn more. 

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