Siding Services You May Need To Keep Your Vinyl Siding In Good Repair

Vinyl siding is durable, but it can be damaged by impacts or flames. Fortunately, when the damage is in a contained area, it can often be repaired so you don't have to replace all of your siding. Some repairs might be good DIY tasks, such as filling in tiny holes with caulk, but others will probably require a siding services contractor. Here are some things the contractor might do to keep your siding in good shape.

Patch A Hole Or Cracked Area On A Panel

If a hole is too big to fill with caulk but the damage isn't so bad that the entire panel needs to be replaced, the contractor might patch over the damage. This involves cutting out the damaged part of the panel and then sliding a patch over the empty space to create a whole panel.

A patch can be cut from a new panel that matches the color of your siding. You may even have a few panels left over from when the siding was installed that can be used for repairs.

A patch isn't too noticeable, but if the patched area is where it can be seen easily, such as near your front door, the siding services contractor may suggest replacing the entire panel instead.

Replace One Or More Panels

If there is scattered damage to your vinyl siding (as can happen in a hailstorm), the siding services contractor will inspect the damage to see if replacing multiple panels is a good idea. If the damage was a result of storm damage, your insurance company may pay for all new siding, so that's something you'll need to look into.

One reason replacing several panels may not be the best idea is that it may be hard to find panels that are an exact color match if your siding is old. Your old siding may not be made any longer, and if a close color is used, your home could have some panels more noticeable than others due to the color difference.

If you and the siding services contractor decide changing the damaged panels rather than replacing all of your siding is the best idea, then the contractor can pop off the damaged panels and put on new ones. This could be necessary when the panels have big holes, melted areas from exposure to flames, or long cracks.

Another thing you can do yourself to keep the siding in top shape is to wash it once a year or so. If you don't want to clean the siding yourself with a hose and long brush, you can call a soft washing or pressure washing company to do it for you. Then your siding will look clean and fresh for longer so your home has good curb appeal with repaired and clean siding.

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