Knowledge Is Power When It Comes To Roofing Sales

What is one thing in common for almost any type of residential home? The roof, of course! That means, that at some point, the owner of that house or townhome will have to sign up for a roof replacement. This is where your roofing sales training will help you to stand out. But, before you pitch your first roof sale, it pays to be prepared.

Know Your Customer

Really, it comes down to knowing the type of people you will be talking to. In sales-speak, this is identifying your "buying persona." However, "persona" is so formal; it is better to think about what are the concerns that a homeowner will have and how to address them. You could have any (or more) of the following situations:

  • Concerned about damage — the owner knows a recent storm came through with strong winds, and maybe hail, and wants to know if their roof is damaged, but hasn't called insurance (or doesn't want to).  Offering a free inspection, demonstrating your knowledge of how to work with insurance, and pointing out other inspections you are already doing in the neighborhood can be a strong position to gain their trust and potential business.
  • Worried about dealing with insurance — this is a common concern. Homeowners are worried that they will face exorbitant out-of-pocket costs for any claims so may put off addressing a roof. Reassure them of your experience working with insurance, offer to work with any inspector that comes out to assess the damage, and perhaps some references in the area that have already engaged with you.
  • Has solar power and believes it is too much trouble to change the roof — this one will require some knowledge of how your roofing teams address a specific situation. Prepare ahead of time for this type of situation, especially by looking through the neighborhood before you start going door-to-door to see if it will be an issue. Then have an easy-to-understand explanation of your process to replace and reinstall the solar panels.
  • Wants a different aesthetic — this one can be harder to discover, but by listening to your potential customer, it may become apparent that they are asking what kind of roofing options you can provide. Be familiar with what your company can/can't do so you don't set false expectations. Be knowledgeable about the process but in a way that is easy to understand.

Know the Area

Not all neighborhoods (or geographies) have the same kind of roofing materials. In some cases,  an HOA or regulations may limit the roofing materials a homeowner can purchase. In others, the climate could play a factor, or what is popular in certain climates. Do some research ahead of each neighborhood visit to make sure you know what people are buying and how your company can install that type of roof. Make sure to utilize any roofing marketing training materials that could give customers visual images of the different types of roofing available, too.

Bottom line, knowledge is power, so that is a good part of the equation for successful roofing sales. But, knowing how to address specific concerns, put your potential customer at ease, listen to your customer, and leave the door open for a follow-up inspection or visit will go a long way toward gaining a new customer.

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