Reasons Why Water Might Be Ponding On Your Commercial Roof And Tips To Repair It

Water pools on a commercial roof are a concern for roofing contractors. The ponding often indicates issues with the building, and ignoring the problem does not eliminate it. Instead, it will make it worse. It is best to learn some of the common causes of the ponding and the things a professional roofing contractor can do to help you resolve the situation. 

The Quality of the Roofing Material

The quality of the roofing material goes a long way in determining whether your roof will end up with ponds of stagnant water. Superior quality roofing membranes are water-resistant and will not suffer damage from water accumulation. However, if the membrane comes from inferior quality material, it will eventually leak when large volumes of water sit on it. Therefore, the level of water that ruins your commercial building depends on how well you invest in roofing materials. You can speak to a commercial roofing contractor and have them assess and replace your current membrane with superior quality material. 

Rubber Roofing with Many Layers

Rubber roofs are popular in commercial buildings. The first layer comes from tar or gravel, while the second and other inner layers are rubber. Sometimes, inexperienced roofers or DIY enthusiasts have a hard time layering the roof, creating inconsistencies in the slope. If you bought a commercial structure with such layers installed, you should have a commercial roofing contractor assess how they interact. They will help you rectify any uneven slopes and guarantee a professionally done job for improved performance.

When the Insulation Disintegrates

It is also possible for your roof to develop issues when the inner layers start falling apart. For example, the insulation material affects the structural integrity and surface consistency. When it begins pulling apart, the surface will lose its slope. It is typical for buildings whose roofing comprises malleable materials. The resulting surface will be uneven, leading to water ponding whenever it rains. The roofing expert might recommend tapered insulation to minimize water ponding. 

Poor Roof Drainage

Poor drainage is another source of trouble for the roof. Local building codes often regulate roof drainage specifications. You might encounter issues if you failed to follow the code. Rectifying the drainage issue restores the flow of water.

The best way to solve water ponding on your commercial structure is by having a commercial roofing contractor inspect and rectify the problem. With their help, you can correct the issue and lengthen the roof's lifespan.

Contact local commercial roofing contractors for more info.  

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