New Homeowners Beware: DIY Roofing Projects Can Be A Major Mistake

The expenses of roofing can cause many homeowners to look to DIY solutions for roofing their homes. This can be a major mistake, and there are several reasons to hire a professional roofing company. The following roofing information will cover some of the reasons why you want to hire a professional when installing a new roof on your home.

Safety Concerns

One of the first things that you should be concerned about is safety. Roofing is dangerous work, especially if you're not used to it. There are many hazards involved in removing shingles and installing new ones. You could fall off the roof and hurt yourself badly — or worse. If your roof is steep or has many pitches, you could be seriously injured if you are not an experienced roofer. Professional roofers use safety gear to ensure that your roof is installed safely and correctly. 

Added Costs

There are also issues with additional costs that you might have to pay if you choose DIY roofing. Usually, professional roofers will give you an estimate for the costs of materials and labor when installing a new roof. When you choose to do the work yourself, you could pay more for materials that you forget to account for. Another issue that you might have is errors that need to be repaired, which can cost you more and materials or labor if you have to pay a professional roofer to do the work later. 

Poor Craftsmanship

If you've never done roofing before, you might think installing a new roof is easy. After all, it's just laying down some shingles over an existing structure — how hard could that be? The reality is that roofing is a very technical process with many nuances that require years of experience to master. Poor craftsmanship can lead to leaks and other problems that can cause major damage over time.

Warranty Violation

Roofing warranties are typically void if the homeowner installs the material themselves. This is because most manufacturers require that their product be installed by a licensed installer in order for them to remain liable for any future problems with the product. If a homeowner installs their own roof, then they are responsible for any damage that may occur during or after installation. Additionally, if the material does not perform as expected, then the manufacturer will not likely cover any damages due to faulty materials or installation flaws.

Hiring a roofing company will help to make sure that your new roof is properly installed and safe.

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