4 Things You Need To Know About A Blistering Residential Roof

One of the common issues that homeowners experience with their roofs is blistering. Regardless of the type of roof you have, you can encounter this problem. The good news is that residential roof repair can solve this mishap for a longer-lasting and appealing structure. Here are four things you need to know about a blistering roof.

Emanates From Moisture and Air

Typically, a blister may occur when there's air and moisture trapped within your roof. When the temperature increase, the bubbles of moisture expand. In some cases, the blisters might be small and harmless. However, they can grow larger with time and let in more moisture to the roof's surface. Blisters are also potential water entry points, and you need to alert a roofer to fix this problem before it escalates into larger issues.

Damaged or Improper Flashing May Cause the Problem

Your roof flashing channels water away to prevent damage. If this part isn't in excellent condition, water might collect on your roof, leading to blisters. Poor drainage in your roofing can aggravate this issue.

Also, if your flashing isn't installed properly, it can cause roof blistering. When your roof has bubbles, it appears unappealing to onlookers. Your home's structural integrity is also at risk if you have leaks.

Harsh on Thin Shingles

Blistering can be harsh on thin shingles under extreme temperatures. In some cases, your shingles will wear out due to strong winds or suffer granule loss from typical aging.

When this happens, heat will cause shingles to expand and contract. Bubbles will then occur on your roofing, leaving your house vulnerable to other elements. Residential roof repair can be a solution to this kind of mishap, and a professional can patch the problem in no time and get rid of the blistering.

Ruin Roof Appearance

Large blisters are unsightly and compromise the integrity of your structure because they can separate the shingle and the base of your roof.  When these bubbles appear, your roof can appear uneven and lose its aesthetic beauty. Even worse, your property can decrease in value when you want to sell or rent it out.

You can restore your home by hiring a residential roofer to remedy the issue. That way, your entire house will remain attractive from across the street.

When you notice blisters on your roof, hire an expert to address them immediately. You can save money when the problem is fixed on time, and your structure will serve you correctly when it's in top-notch condition.

Contact a residential roof repair contractor to learn more. 

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