Signs That Your Roof Has Storm Damage

If your home has been hit with a severe storm of any kind, you will want to double-check to make sure that it has not suffered any damage. This is important because you want to catch the need for storm damage roof repair as soon as possible. The longer it takes for the storm damage to be noticed, the more it may cost to repair all of the things that were damaged. In order to have a better chance at spotting storm damage to your roof, you will want to review the following:

The Insulation Is Wet

If you have an attic, you will want to venture up there shortly after the end of the storm. One of the things that you need to look for is that of wet insulation. If water is getting in through the roof, the insulation will be the first thing to start soaking up the water. Make sure that you are not touching the insulation with your bare hands because fiberglass insulation can cause you to become very itchy. If you notice wet insulation, even if it is just a little bit damp, you will want to call for roofing repair services.

You Can See The Light

While you are up in the attic, during daylight, you will want to take a moment to turn off all of the lights. Once your eyes have adjusted to the darkness, look around at the roof. Look for any signs of light coming in. Even the tiniest of holes in the roof caused by a storm can lead to significant damage throughout your home. The water can ruin building materials and mold can begin to grow. The sooner you have a roofer patch the hole or holes, the sooner you will be able to have peace of mind.

With that information, you should find that it is going to be fairly easy to spot storm damage to your roof if it is indeed there. Should you happen to find that there is damage, you will want to get on the phone with a roofing repair company immediately. If the damage is due to a recent storm, it is likely that there are other homes and businesses in the area that also have damages and they will be calling the same roofing companies. Call for help right away so you don't end up waiting a long time for repair services.

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