Premium Shingles Or Wood Roofing On Your Home To Weather Storms And Last For Years

If you are ready to install a new roof on your home, there are a lot of things to consider. You can consider some of the different options. You can install conventional asphalt shingles, or you can try some of the many other materials that are available, such as shakes, metal, or tile roofing. These materials are more resistant to problems and can be a great investment for your home. The following roof materials information will help you choose materials that will weather storms and last for years.

Premium Asphalt Shingle Materials  

The premium asphalt shingle materials are made with a variety of high-quality components and are engineered to withstand the elements and provide excellent protection for your home. Roofing that can weather storms and last a long time is available from many manufacturers, but it is important to research the different types of materials before you make your purchase. The most popular choice for shingles is asphalt shingles.  

Asphalt shingles are made from recycled materials and a mixture of tar, sand, gravel, and asphalt, which gives it its strength and durability. Asphalt shingles are available in styles, including:  

  • Wood shake style—These have a ridged look with deep grooves and valleys between them, giving them an authentic look similar to that of wood shakes on roofs.  
  • Hexagonal design—This style of asphalt shingle makes it appear as if the roof is covered with squares or hexagons. They are often referred to as architectural asphalt shingles because they can be installed in many different ways depending on the slope and design of the roof.  

The options for asphalt shingles also include materials that are ornamental or decorative to give your roof a unique appearance. 

Shakes and Wood Roofing Materials 

You also have various options to consider for wood when looking for durable roofing materials, including: 

  • Shakes—Shakes and wood roofing materials are the best type of roof for people who don't want to spend too much money on their roofs. The materials can last for as long as decades if they're installed correctly, which is why a lot of people choose to get them from a professional. The materials are easy to install and look great.  
  • Wood Shingles—Shingles made from wood have been around for a very long time, but they weren't popular until around the 1950s when they became available in various colors. A lot of people like these shingles because they come in various colors and styles, most notably are that they're not slippery like asphalt shingles can be in wet weather conditions. Tongue and groove wood shingles are also fairly easy to install, which makes them perfect for someone who doesn't have much experience with roofing projects.  

There is also a lot of wood shake and shingle options that you can choose from. These features can include things like fire-resistant materials that are designed to resist flames in dry climates or pressure-treated shakes that stand up against moisture.  

Choosing your roofing materials is important if you want to have a roof that weathers storms and lasts for years. Contact a roof installation service to discuss some of these options for your roof today.  

For more information on what material to use for a new roof installation, contact a company like Simtech Roofing.

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