Roof Repairs Your Concrete Tile Roof Could Need Due To Age And Damage

A concrete tile roof is a good investment for your home that provides many years of protection. That doesn't mean the roof won't ever need repairs. Having repairs done right away when needed helps your roof have a longer life and protects your home from water damage. Here are some roof repairs your home might need when you have a concrete tile roof.

Replace Cracked And Chipped Shingles

Concrete is tough, but it can crack, or an edge can chip from an impact or when the tiles are walked on improperly. However, damaged concrete tiles can be replaced with new tiles. This involves lifting the tiles above the damaged material so the ruined tiles can be pulled out and new ones put in place.

A problem that might happen is when the new tiles are a lighter color than the old tiles so the new tiles are noticeable. This will eventually correct itself as the new tiles age. However, if you want to avoid the mismatch in colors, your roofer may have options that help. For instance, they might recommend power washing your roof to clean and lighten the old tiles, or they might suggest painting the roof once the new tiles are in place.

Waterproof The Tiles

Concrete tiles are porous, so they may already be sealed before they are installed on your roof. However, if there is a problem with the tiles soaking up water, your roofer might recommend sealing the tiles to make them waterproof again. You don't want your roof tiles to soak up water because that makes them heavier, and the weight might be too much for your roof to hold.

Plus, wet tiles encourage algae or plants to grow on the roof, and that can make it look ugly. Wet tiles can also lead to roof leaks by keeping the underlayment and deck wet. When the deck and roof frame get wet, the wood might rot, which could lead to a saggy root or a leak that gets your attic wet. The roof repairs that might be needed include sealing the tiles and replacing rotted wood.

Change The Underlayment

The concrete tiles on your roof might last for decades, but the underlayment doesn't last that long. If your roof starts leaking due to deterioration of the underlayment, your roof repair contractor will take off the concrete tiles so the old underlayment can be removed and the new underlayment applied. After that, the old concrete tiles can be replaced. This gives the roofer a chance to replace any old tiles that might be in bad shape by switching them with new tiles as the roof is rebuilt.

For more information, contact a roof repair service. 

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