2 Reasons To Install A Metal Roof With Concealed Fasteners

Metal is a durable and attractive roofing material. If you've decided to install a metal roof on your home, then you need to decide whether to use exposed or concealed fasteners. While both fixing techniques work effectively, a concealed system has additional useful benefits. What are they?

1. A Seamless Roof Finish

When you install a metal roof with exposed fasteners, then you fix the panels in place from the outside. Any nails, bolts, clips, and screws you use to hold the roof down sit on the outside of your panels. They are visible.

If you want a roof that looks sleek and modern, then you might not like being able to see these fixings. You might feel that they spoil the streamlined lines of your roof. If you use a concealed fastening system, then all your fixings sit under your panels. The panels snap on from above so that they conceal all the fasteners. So, your roof will look seamless and flawless.

2. Reduced Maintenance Needs

While metal roofs usually last for years, you'll still have some maintenance jobs. For example, if you use exposed fasteners, then they might rust over the years as they are exposed to the weather. Their initial protective coatings won't last forever. As your roof gets older, you're more likely to run into problems.

If fasteners start to rust, then you need to replace them. They could break or even pass damage on to their panels. The holes which hold the fasteners leave weak spots on panels. If fasteners pass rust onto these holes, then you might have to deal with more widespread corrosion on larger parts of your roof.

Plus, exposed fasteners can put stress on metal roof panels. The panels might not be able to flex enough in different temperatures if their fasteners are too tight. If panels can't move when they need to, then they might break or damage their fasteners.

Concealed fasteners sit under your roof panels. The panels protect them from the weather. They are less likely to rust as they age, and they last longer. Plus, this kind of system allows panels to expand and contract more naturally. They won't suffer from attachment stress problems. So, you'll have less work to do on your roof, and your maintenance costs will be lower.

To find out more about metal roof concealed fastening systems and their benefits, contact residential roofing contractors, like Complete Roofing & Remodeling.

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