4 Possible Ways to Minimize the Cost of Residential Roof Replacement

A roof that is approaching the end of its expected lifespan is a cause for concern for most homeowners. While the time and scope involved in a roof replacement project are important, most homeowners are most concerned with the expected total cost they will need to pay to have a new roof installed on their home. Fortunately, there are some things homeowners can do to help minimize these costs and make the project as affordable as possible. 

Look for lower rates during the offseason

Residential roofing contractors are likely to be busiest during summer and early fall when the weather is most accommodating for outside activities. Many roofing contractors may offer discounts to homeowners who opt to schedule their roof replacement during winter or early spring when the demand for their services is reduced. Homeowners should, however, expect off-season roof replacement bids to include a longer time frame for completion of the work due to the potential for weather interruptions. 

Divide the project in half 

Homeowners who want to make the cost of roof replacement more budget-friendly may want to explore the possibility of dividing the project into two smaller, less expensive projects. Since most roofs experience uneven wear, depending on the position of the home and exposure to wind, sun, salt spray, or other factors, one side may have significantly more damage than the other. In this type of situation, the homeowner may find it easier to budget now for half the project and postpone the remaining work to a later date.

Speak with your home insurance provider

Many home insurance policies provide some level of coverage for roof replacement, depending on why the work is needed. Because the installation of a new roof is important for the protection of the home, home insurance providers may also offer policy premium discounts to homeowners, once the work is completed. To determine whether your home insurance coverage offers these benefits, homeowners should contact their insurance provider during the initial planning stages of their roof replacement project.

Discuss the addition of a new layer of shingles

If the underlying framework of the roof is in good condition and there is currently only one layer of shingles on the roof, homeowners may want to consider adding a second layer of shingles, instead of doing a complete tear-off and replacement project. Taking this option can reduce the total cost of roof replacement because there will be no labor needed to tear off the old shingles and no fees to dispose of them. 

Homeowners who are looking at their options can get more helpful information by discussing their situation with local roof replacement services. 

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