5 Window Features For Wet And Windy Climates

If you live somewhere with frequent rain or high winds, the right windows are needed to keep out moisture and drafts. Fortunately, there are windows manufactured to meet the needs of your climate. Choosing the correct type of windows will ensure you are warm and snug in your home.

1. Pane Layers

Double and triple-pane windows provide more insulation than a single pane of glass. Many manufacturers further improve the insulation quality by using a clear gas between the panes that will further prevent thermal exchange between the outside and interior of your home. Well-insulated windows help keep out the chill from wind and rain, while also reducing condensation on the inside of the windows. 

2. Outer Frame Materials

One of the main concerns with window frames is how well the material will stand up to wet conditions. It's best to avoid wood frames since they must be repainted frequently in rainy areas to prevent rot. Vinyl provides a moisture-resistant choice, but it can crack under impact so isn't the best if high winds are an issue. Aluminum frames can be a better choice if both wind and rain are concerns.

3. Frame Insulation

Insulating the frame is also a good idea. Not only does this help guard against cold and drafts, but minimal thermal exchange from the frame can also reduce window condensation issues in a wet climate. Both vinyl and metal frames come with an option to include an insulated core or a wood core, both designs that can greatly increase the insulation level of these frame materials. Any gaps around the frame must also be insulated after installation to ensure there is no way for drafts to push past.

4. Impact Resistance

If bad storms and high winds are an issue, whether year-round or seasonally, then impact-resistant glass is a good idea. A common style of impact glass features a dual-pane insulated design, but there is a layer of clear laminate over the exterior pane that will absorb impacts without damage to the glass. 

5. Seal Quality

Your windows are only as good as their seals, otherwise, water and wind will find a way around the glass. Choose windows that have excellent weatherstripping and rubber seals around the windows so there are no gaps when closed. Professional installation will further ensure the windows are well-sealed in place.

Contact a window installation service if you are ready to put in new residential windows or need home window replacement.

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