Is Your Flat Roof Having These Issues? It's Time To Call In A Roof Repair Expert

Flat roofs are widely used because they help increase usable outdoor space. However, to enjoy having a flat roof, you need to conduct regular inspections and maintenance. And if you notice any issue with your roofing that needs repair, call in a roofer for timely repairs. By doing this, you will enhance the longevity of your flat roof.

But, if you're a first-time flat roof homeowner who cannot tell when it is the right time for roof repairs, here are three common signs to watch out for.

The Moisture Levels Are High

A flat roof should be watertight to keep water from seeping through. This will ensure that your ceiling is free of moisture. The presence of moisture on your flat roof will lead to increased humidity, which can cause stains on your ceiling and attract rodents and insects that thrive in moist environments. Also, the structural beams of the roofing may start rotting, which compromises the structural integrity of your roof. So if your flat roof is leaking, call in a flat roof repair expert as soon as possible to repair the leaks.

The House Has a Musty Odor

Another issue that you might experience with a flat roof is musty smells in your house. Such issues are caused when your flat roof traps water inside your walls. The musty smell can seriously compromise the comfort of your house. Water trapped in your walls can promote mold growth and may even cause severe damage to your house. When you call in a skilled flat roof repair expert, they will identify the cause of the problem and know the best way to fix the issue.

The Water Pools on the Roof

Another issue you are likely to experience when you have a flat roof is pooling water. Though you expect to deal with pooling water, especially during the rainy season, the water should automatically drain off or evaporate within a day or two. If the water still pools on your roof, it means you have issues with your flat roof system. In most cases, such issues can be due to a clogged drainage system or a damaged gutter. Therefore, if you notice water pooling on your flat roof, call in a professional roofer. The professionals will know the best way to handle the problem.

The Undercoat Is Exposed

The outermost layer of a flat roof is usually tar or stone. This layer is used to protect the undercoat from harsh weather conditions. However, over time, the outermost layer might lift or get pulled away, exposing the undercoat. As a result, the undercoat can get damaged by the elements. If you notice the undercoat is exposed, then you need to call a roofing repair expert to fix the issue for you.

These are just a few of the common signs that you might need a flat roof repair done. However, it is vital to hire the right roof repair company when dealing with issues on your flat roof.

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