A Spray Foam Roofing System Is Worth A Close Look When You Are Comparing Commercial Roof Options

A foam roof system is an excellent choice for a commercial building because it has a high R-value, which means it provides superior insulation ability. Plus, a foam roof lasts a long time and is fairly quick and easy to install. Here's a look at some of the things involved with a foam roofing system installation.

The Roofer Decides What To Do With The Old Roof

One of the foam roofing system installation services you receive is dealing with the old roofing. Spray foam can go over metal and membrane roofing, but there are a couple of situations to be aware of. One is if the old roof is held down with rocks. In that case, all the rocks have to be removed from the membrane and the membrane has to be adhered to the roof before spray foam is applied.

Another problem to be aware of is a roof that has been soaked with rain and that's holding water or hiding water damage. In this instance, the roof has to be dried out and repaired before the foam is put down.

The Foam Is Applied Under Specific Conditions

Spray foam has to be applied in mild temperatures. The foam doesn't mix and cure properly if the weather is too cold. You might want to know that in case you were planning on having your roof installed in the winter. Also, it's best to install spray foam roofing when the wind is mild.

Any wind blows the spray around, and the foam can land on windows and other places where you don't want it. However, a commercial roofer can set up screens and use other methods to control blown spray so it doesn't cause any problems. If it's too windy, the roofer may need to reschedule the work.

A Foam Roofing System Has Three Parts

Foam roofing system installation services include applying a coating over the foam once the spray is hard. The coating protects the foam from UV damage so the foam roofing lasts a long time. A foam roofing system is made up of three parts: the foam, a coating, and granules. The granules add further protection to the foam and create traction for walking on the roof.

If you currently have a membrane or metal roof, a roofer can walk you through making the transition to spray foam roofing and why you would want to. Spray foam provides excellent insulation, keeps your building cooler in the summer, and has a long life, so it's worth considering for your new commercial roof.

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