How A Roofing Contractor Might Go About Repairing A Roof Leak On Your Home

If water drips from your ceiling when you have a hard rain, call a roofing contractor to help you find the leak and make roof repairs. Putting off repairs could have serious consequences, such as mold growing in your home, bad odors, and water damage to your ceiling, insulation, and floors. Here's how a roofing contractor can help you with a roof leak.

Make Temporary Repairs If Needed

If your roof needs extensive repairs and the roofer can't schedule the work right away, the contractor might make temporary repairs so water doesn't keep leaking in your house. They might put on a temporary patch or tarp that will last in the short term until permanent repairs can be done.

Assess The Damage

Tracking down the leak is difficult sometimes, and your roofer wants to make sure they find all the leaks so you don't have to worry about any more roof problems once the work is done. They may need to use moisture meters or an infrared camera, and lift up shingles to inspect the deck for water damage.

Determine The Amount Of Work Needed

A roof leak can do a surprising amount of damage. The amount of damage done depends on how long the roof was leaking and what parts of the roof were affected. At the least, the damaged shingles that allowed the roof to leak will need to be replaced. Besides that, the roofing contractor may need to replace rotted plywood or rotted rafters. It's important to remove all traces of water damage so the rot doesn't spread and continue to cause damage to your roof, attic, and home.

Provide An Estimate

Before the roofing contractor begins the roof leak repair, they explain the damages they found, what they plan to do to fix the problem, and how much it will cost. Once you agree to the terms, the work date is scheduled and supplies are ordered if they need to be. If the roofer only has to replace a few shingles and a small piece of plywood, the roofer may already have all of the supplies needed and can get to work quickly.

Once the repairs are complete, you may want to go in your attic the next time it rains just to verify the leak is gone for good and the roofer didn't miss any leaky areas. If you find a leak, call the roofing contractor right away. However, chances are the leak will be gone and you can continue with repairing water damage in your attic and home so it will look like the leak never happened.

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