Planning to Replace Your Roof? Here Are 3 Things to Expect During the Roof Installation Process

Although replacing your roof may seem like an exciting experience, it's a complex process that requires the expertise of an experienced roofing contractor. Tearing off your old roof turns your home into a work zone, and there's a lot to expect when roofing contractors are installing your roof. For these reasons, it's necessary to know what to expect during your roof installation so that you can prepare for the arrival of your roofers. 

Here are a few things to expect during your roof installation process.

1. Your yard will be littered with falling debris 

When roofers are tearing off your old roof, nails, old shingles, and other debris will likely fall from your roof. Most roofing contractors will come with a garbage bin which helps clear most of the dirt. They'll even make use of metal detectors and magnets to collect falling nails. With such debris littered around your yard, you should prepare your yard adequately.

Before your roofing contractor arrives, consider parking your car on the street. Roofing contracts will use your driveway to park their dumpster. It's also not a good idea to park your car in the garage, especially if it's not insulated because nails and granules will drop on the garage, damaging your vehicle.

2. Your attic will be dusty

During your roof installation, expert roofers will put measures out to minimize debris and dust. Still, this doesn't secure your attic from falling objects. Therefore, if you use your attic to store sentimental items, move them to a secure place until your roof installation is complete. If you have heavy items, make sure that you cover them with a plastic sheet or drop cloths to prevent them from being damaged by shingle debris. 

3. Your roof installation will be noisy

Like most construction projects, replacing your roof will produce disturbing noise. So, if you have children or a loved one who is sensitive to loud noises, make arrangements so that they are away when the roofers are working on your installation project. It's also a good idea to let your neighbors know that you're replacing your roof. Such courtesy is necessary because they can prepare for the commotion and noise during installation.

Replacing your roof can be an overwhelming process if you have no idea what to expect. By seeking the assistance of a professional roofer, you're assured that your work will be done correctly. But, before making an appointment, the few things highlighted in this guide will help ensure that you have a smooth installation process. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a roofing contractor near you.

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