Roof Repair Tips For DIY Enthusiasts

Generally, it's best to call a roof repair company if your roof needs to be fixed. However, if you are handy, on a tight budget, and pretty confident in your abilities, you can probably make some basic repairs on your own. There are, however, some basic tips to make sure you follow in the process.

1. Wear rubber-soled shoes

This is a safety precaution. Your running shoes or sneakers will work. Hiking shoes are a really good choice, although hiking boots with a really hard sole may not give you enough traction. If you climb up on the roof and feel like you don't have sturdy footing, then climb back down and change your shoes. The older the roof, the more important this is as older roofs tend to lose some of their traction over time.

2. Use products made for roofs

If you have some loose shingles, cementing them down can be a decent temporary fix. Similarly, caulking down some loose flashing can help hold it in place for a few months until you're able to have a roofer replace it. Just make sure that whatever products you use are actually made for use on roofs. This way, you know they're plenty durable and resistant to water and wind stress. Multi-use caulk and cement are not always strong enough.

3. Don't ignore the flashing and vents

Sometimes, homeowners have a roof leak, find some lifting or missing shingles, and just assume that's the source of the leak. It very well might be. However, the leaks could also be coming from a vent or from a piece of loose flashing. So, make sure you check these components out before you leave the roof. Otherwise, you may find you still have leaks in spite of having repaired the shingles.

4. Cover your nail heads

If you put any nails into your roof, make sure the heads of those nails are covered. The most proper way to do this is to position your nails so that there's always a layer of shingles over top of them. However, if you have to leave a nail head exposed, putting a glob of roofing cement over top of it can help seal it and prevent leaks from forming around it.

If you're determined to repair your own roof, the tips above will help. Just make sure you don't hesitate to call a residential roof repair company like A to Z Concept, Inc. if you are not able to fix the repairs on your own.

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