3 Ways Performance Asphalt Shingles Protect Your Home

While you might have decided to install asphalt shingles on your home because you like the way they look, the products you choose affect how well your roof works and lasts.

While regular shingles work, performance products have increased benefits. They help protect your home from damage more effectively.

What are the benefits of performance shingles?

1. A Better Hold

Storms and high winds can damage a roof. For example, if you use regular asphalt products, then a high wind could pull some of the shingles off.

Or, the wind might lift some shingles and move them slightly out of position. While the shingles stay in place, they won't give complete coverage.

Here, rain might get in through the gaps. You could have leaks in your roof; water, moisture, and dampness could damage its structure.

Performance shingles are often thicker than regular asphalt shingles. They also usually have more advanced fixing systems.

For example, some have reinforcing straps on their underside. These straps act as nail guides to give you more accurate placement and a stronger grip. These shingles are less likely to suffer from wind or storm damage, so they should protect your roof more effectively.

2. More Impact Resistance

High winds aren't the only problem your roof might face. If you live in an area that has regular hailstorms, then your roof could suffer from impact damage.

When hailstones hit regular shingles, they can leave dents in them. This doesn't look great cosmetically; it also weakens the shingles and makes them more likely to break in the future.

You can buy performance asphalt shingles that are stronger than regular products. They have more built-in impact resistance. So, they should be able to withstand the effects of hailstorms.

3. Effective Algae Protection

As your roof shingles age, you might notice that algae starts to grow on them. This growth covers your shingles and makes them look dirty.

Even if you clean growth off the roof, it might leave stains behind. These stains can be difficult to completely remove.

Plus, algae can sometimes damage shingles. It can degrade their surfaces. They might become less weathertight.

Some performance asphalt shingles are treated to be resistant to algae growth. If you had problems with algae on a previous roof or can see it on neighboring roofs, then resistant products will be a good option.

Keep in mind that performance asphalt shingles are all different. Some have a full set of protective features; others have fewer built-in benefits.

To find the best shingles for your roof and location, talk to a local roofing company, such as Volpe Roofing.  

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