2 Things A Roofing Contractor Will Look For On Your Roof

If you are concerned about your roof, you need to have it checked out. Checking out your roof is pretty easy. You can do it on your own, which will let you find the areas that you are concerned about which will let you point them out to a roofing contractor. Of course, you can always just have the contractor do the entire inspection, especially if you don't like heights or don't want to climb on your roof. So, what are some of the things that the contractor will look for when they are inspecting your roof?

Water Damage

One of the things that they are going to look for is signs of water damage. The contractor will do this before climbing up on the roof. The contractor may want to come in and look in your attic or the top floor of your house. The reason for that is that they are going to look for discoloration on the ceilings, which could be a sign that there is water leaking into your house from your roof. The contractor will also look around at the eaves and soffits to see if they can see anything. If the contractor does see any signs of damage, they will take note of that area so that they can check it out when they climb up on your roof. 

Loose/Missing Shingles

When the roofer comes out to your house, after they check for water damage, they will climb up on your roof. The first thing the roofer is going to look for is loose and missing shingles. The bare spots left from missing shingles give water an easy place to get into your house and start causing damage. A loose or broken shingle can also give water an avenue into your house, but the loose and broken shingles may affect shingles around them and cause more shingles to end up going missing or getting damaged. The roofing contractor may replace the missing, loose, or damaged shingles right then, but they may have to wait until there are new shingles. If the contractor has to wait, then they should cover up the area up using something like a tarp. Doing that will give the area some protection until new shingles can be placed. 

If you are worried about your roof, then you should call a roofing contractor. The contractor can come out to your house, climb up on your roof, and inspect it. The contractor should be able to tell you what kind of shape your roof is in and what you might need to do for it. 

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