4 Indicators You Need Residential Roof Replacement Services

Like many other parts of a building, your residential roofing will reach the end of its useful life. Even with proper maintenance and timely repairs, you will find that the roof is too old or damaged beyond repair. This is where roof replacement services come in. Take a look at some signs that you need to consider a residential roof replacement service. 

1. Extensive Roof Leakage 

Not all roof leaks necessitate roof replacement services. Some can be solved through repair services. However, when you keep ignoring the minor roof leaks, there are high chances they will grow into bigger leaks. Extensive roof leaks may result in material damage, rot, and mold growth. They could also cause damage to the belongings sitting under the roof. If your roofer inspects your roof and settles for a replacement service, the leaks are probably too severe for repairs.

2. Old or Weak Roofing System 

As earlier highlighted, even with timely maintenance and repair services, your roof will eventually reach the end of its lifespan. Depending on the kind of roof you have, you know how many years it's expected to serve you. 

If you can't recall when you last had your roof replaced, perhaps it's time to consider that option. Also, if you feel that the roofing system is weak and old-fashioned, you can get rid of it and get a new and modern roofing system.

3. Major Structural Damages 

After a storm or snow season, you may notice severe damage to your roof. If you failed to guard your roof against ice dams, there are chances that your roof has already suffered serious structural damage. You are likely to notice signs such as missing shingles, water damage, broken shingles, or a sunken roof deck. 

Heavy storms are notorious for sending branches and twigs on roofs. The tree branches and debris could damage your roof and affect its structural integrity. If the repair expenses exceed half the amount you would spend on roof replacement, you are better off going with the latter. 

4. Poor Energy Efficiency 

Your roof could be the reason you keep getting inflated energy bills. A poorly insulated roof allows heat loss, leading to high energy bills associated with air conditioning. If you suspect that your outdated roof is the reason for your poor energy efficiency, consider a residential roof replacement service. 

If you wonder whether to replace or repair your roof, consider consulting an expert. They will identify roof issues and help you make the right decision. However, these are some of the major signs it is time to consider residential roof replacement. Reach out to a company like EcoShield Exteriors for residential roof replacement. 

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