Practical Roof Replacement Solutions For Your Home

If you are planning on replacing your roof soon, you may want to look beyond conventional asphalt shingles for a replacement material that will best suit your home's needs. Using the most suitable material can make your roof more durable and your home more energy efficient. The following roof replacement options will give your home practical solutions that are right for its needs:

Resolve Existing Problems

You need to identify any serious issues with your current roof before replacing it. You will need to have the roof inspected to identify problems that need to be repaired before you have shingles replaced. You may want to plan ahead and prevent future problems by improving the areas where the roof is the most vulnerable. These improvements can include addressing water traps, altering low slopes that are vulnerable to wind damage, and other changes that improve the overall design of your roof.

Consider Replacing Roof Decking Underlayments

The deck underlayment of your roof is another area to consider improving. Old roofs often have slats for decking boards, which create uneven surfaces and can be vulnerable to damage. You may want to add modern sheathing like plywood to cover the old slat decking to provide a smoother service for the installation of the new roofing. There are also options for sheathing that have backing designed to make your roof more energy-efficient and durable.

Identify the Best Roofing Options for Your Climate

Different kinds of roofing work better in different environmental conditions. Investigate and consider what kinds of roofing work best in the climate where you live. For example, in an area with heavy rains, an architectural shingle material or shakes may be a good choice for your home.  In contrast, for dry climates or areas with seasonal wildfires, materials treated with a retardant, metal roofing, or clay tiles are a better solution for your home. 

Consider Additional Improvements

Your replacement roof can also improve your home by adding extra features. These can be improvements to the roof design, such as adding a covered porch or adding features like gutters when replacing shingles. There are other improvements that can add value to your home, such as decorative metal details that enhance the appearance of your roof design or features like skylights in the new roof. It is usually a good idea to have a roofer install complicated features like skylights to ensure that they don't leak after installation.

Practical improvements to your roof can give your home a more durable finish and energy efficiency. Contact a roofing replacement service to start planning practical solutions for your project.

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