Roofing Company: Why Most Homeowners Consider Tile Roofing During Roof Replacement

The roof is a crucial component of the entire home's infrastructure. When you choose an excellent roof, you protect the house and everything inside it from unfriendly climate and weather damage. However, with the countless roofing materials in the market, it can be challenging to pick the ideal one to suit your needs. Luckily, tiles are usually among the excellent roofing materials you can invest in when roofing your residential property.

You just need to ensure a reputable roofing company handles the installation if you want to have a sound tile roof over your head for a long time. Unfortunately, however, very few homeowners think about tiles when considering the most suitable roofing materials for their property. Tile roofing can be an ideal choice for the following three benefits.

It Will Serve You for Decades

When you choose a tile roof, you will probably never need to repair or replace the roof unless something major happens. When properly maintained, the roof can serve you for a lifespan of about five decades and even longer. The only maintenance you may need to do includes replacing any individual tile pieces that get cracked and sweeping the valleys to remove the debris. 

Timely debris removal helps minimize accumulation, which can result in a leaking roof.  It's usually recommended that you hire a competent roofing company to check the condition of your tile roof regularly, and you will get as much life as possible out of it.

It's an Excellent Insulator

Tiled roofs offer excellent insulation against harsh weather. The spaces between the tiles prevent the flow of heat through the roof. The decking that the roofing contractors install beneath the tiles increases their ability to block heat from the sun. Tile roofs are excellent in the summer because your home will not absorb excessive heat from the environment. They are also suitable in the winter because the roof's thermal mass easily contains the heat inside the home. Furthermore, tile roofing simplifies the work of your heating system.

It Easily Resists Fire

The speed at which fire spreads depends on the quality and type of the roof installed on your home. Tiled roofs are excellent because they do not catch fire easily. And in case of a fire, these roofs cannot burst into flames. Some other roofing materials increase the fire risk during the summer wildfire and brushfire season. Fortunately, tiles also have a high fire rating, which lowers the overall insurance premiums. 

If it's time to roof your house, choose tiles as your roofing material because they are among the excellent materials you can come across. Take your time to find a reputable supplier in your area and contact a reputable roofing company to install the tile roof for you. Working with a seasoned roofer is the best way to ensure you end up with a beautiful, durable, and energy-efficient tile roof. Contact a roofing company for more information. 

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