Standing Seam Roofing Is a Good Choice When You Want Roofing That Lasts Decades

If you're thinking of switching to a metal roof, you need to decide on the type of metal roofing you want. A popular choice for both residential and commercial use is standing seam roofing. Here's a look at the benefits of metal roofing and standing seam panels.

Metal Roofing And Standing Seams Are Durable

A metal roof can last for many years if it's maintained well. Its longevity and low maintenance needs help offset its higher initial cost. If you don't want to go through the roofing process very often, then choosing a metal roof is a good idea.

When it comes to metal roofing panels, standing seam panels are among the most durable. One reason for that is the fasteners are hidden. Other roofing panels are screwed to the roof and the screws and washers are exposed to the weather and UV rays. This makes the washers and screws the weakest part of the roof, which can eventually lead to leaking.

Standing seam roofing is installed differently. The fasteners are hidden under the panels and the panels lock together at the seams. This makes the panels less likely to develop leaks. Plus, since the panels are locked together rather than screwed to the roof, they have the freedom to expand and contract with temperature changes.

Standing Seams Have An Attractive Appearance

Other types of metal roofing are often associated with industrial and agricultural buildings. That can make those panels unappealing for residential use. Standing seam roofing is used on shops, restaurants, and professional buildings, so they have a more upscale association.

Standing seam roofing for residential use is similar to the ones used on commercial buildings except the seams might be closer together so the roofing complements the size of a typical house. However, the roofing comes with the seams spaced apart in different widths and with seams of different sizes, so you and your roofer can choose the right look for your home.

Standing seam roofing comes in a number of colors too, so you can find a good match for any type of home, including a home with stone or vinyl siding or a rustic log cabin.

Standing Seam Roofing Is Low Maintenance

Metal roofing is treated so it resists rust. However, if the coating gets scratched off, rust could potentially develop. If you find scratches on the roof, they can be repaired and coated to eliminate the risk of rusting. If rust develops, it should be removed promptly so it doesn't have time to spread. To keep your roof in good shape, keep tree branches trimmed away and remove debris if it accumulates in flatter areas of your roof. Also, be sure your gutters are in good shape so rain drains away properly and doesn't back up on the roof.

For more information, contact a residential roofing contractor near you.

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