Interior And Exterior Signs Your Home Needs A Roof Repair

For many homes, the signs of roof damage are apparent. Unfortunately, many people do not know exactly what to look for.

Do you wonder if your home would benefit from roof repair? These are the interior and exterior signs that you should call a roofing professional for roofing repair services.

Interior: Look for Signs of a Roof Leak

Leaks are among the most common reasons why people report that they need roof repairs. A leaking roof is often identified based on the interior signs that something is wrong. For example, you might notice water stains on your ceiling, or perhaps you have recently been in the attic and noticed that some of the wood there was wet.

Exterior: Missing Shingles

It's very common to have missing shingles as the first indicator that you need a repair. You may not even realize that you have missing shingles until you get up on the roof to fix something else or you find shingles on the lawn outside. Missing shingles could let water into your home.

Exterior: Growths

Do you notice something growing on your roof? It could be algae or something else that looks rotting. It is important to do something about these issues quickly so that you stop the spread of the growth. The same applies if your shingles always look wet.

Interior: Light in the Attic

When you go into the attic, turn off all the lights and block any windows. Look around for sources of light that could indicate you have a hole in your roof. This is where you might need a repair.

Exterior: Granules Are in the Gutter

Your roof's shingles are coated in granules. They are protective, offering your roof safety from the sun and other elements. If these granules end up in the gutter, your shingles are no longer protected. You may need repairs.

Interior: Your Bills Are Higher

High heating and cooling bills can be indicative of a serious problem: air could be escaping through your roof. It's time to speak with a roofing professional who can spot these openings that could be leading to high monthly costs.

Call a Roofing Repair Service Right Away

When you spot the signs that something might be wrong with your roof, it is a good idea to contact a repair service right away. A roofing professional can help you take care of the problem and prevent it from coming back.

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