Roofing Options To Protect Your Home From Energy Loss And Storm Damage

When you are ready to install new roofing on your home, you want to have an energy-efficient and durable solution. There are many options to consider if you want a more resistant roof to wind and storm damage. The following roofing options are solutions you want to consider when installing a new roof on your home:

Efficient Metal Roofing Solutions

One of the first options you may be considering is metal roofing. Before installing a metal roof for your home, you want to address issues. Some of the biggest problems with metal roofing are heat gain and noise. These problems can be reduced with good insulation and upgrades to the underlayment. The rigid foam insulation will help reduce noise and reduce the noise of metal roofing. These improvements can be made to stamped tiles, panels, and standing seam roofing systems.

Durable Tile Roofing Solutions

There are also many tile options when installing a new roof on your home. If you are installing a new roof, clay tiles are a great option for a durable and energy-efficient roofing solution. Today, there are also options for synthetic tile materials that can be used to replace asphalt shingles. The synthetic tile materials are a great lightweight solution. The tile roofing can also be some of the longest-lasting materials with proper care and maintenance.

Asphalt Roofing with Higher Wind Ratings

If you are replacing asphalt shingles, there are also options to replace them with more durable materials. Today, there are specially designed asphalt composite shingles that have higher ratings for wind resistance. These are the best solution for areas that are prone to severe weather during the summer months. The premium asphalt shingles will last longer and be more energy-efficient than conventional single tab materials.

Coating and Membranes for Energy-Efficient Roofing

The asphalt shingles can also be updated with a modern roof coating. This is a great option to extend the life of existing roofing materials before they wear out. These coatings are light-colored, which also makes them an ideal solution for energy-efficient roofing. There are also options for roofing membranes that can be installed on your home, which work really well for areas with lower sloped elevations of a flat roof design. The membranes can also be installed beneath other roofing materials for energy efficiency and to reinforce your roof in vulnerable areas.

The roofing materials that you install on your home can be a durable solution to improve efficiency and prevent damage. Contact roofing services to discuss these solutions for your home.

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