5 Telltale Signs Of A Damaged Roof

When risks to the well-being of your residence are discussed, damaged roofs should be right at the top of the list. If not attended to, a slight problem with your roof can balloon up to a myriad of problems that would call for services such as mold removal, new shingles installation, among others. This is why it pays to fix roofing issues before they become a huge concern. To know whether your house has a damaged roof, it pays to look for the following signs.

Mold, Fungi, and Moss

When assessing your roofing, be on the lookout for fungi, mold, and moss, particularly in the shady corners of the roof. The presence of fungi, mold, and moss signifies that there is moisture trapped within your roof. The more the moisture accumulates, the more these deadly substances spread, leading to expensive devastation and especially on your family's respiratory health.

Attic Issues

When checking for a damaged roof, inspect the attic. Any sign of water stains running to the wall from your ceiling is a huge problem as far as damaged roofs are concerned. Keep in mind that a small leak will eventually cause more significant issues such as damaged insulation and mold. While tracking the leak can prove difficult to your untrained eye, calling a roofing repair expert is a great idea.

Sagging and Drooping

Examine your entire roof for any signs of sagging and drooping. If your roof has sagged or drooped, this is a clear indication of damage. The most likely explanations for this condition are rotting roofing boards and trapped moisture.

Ruined Shingles

Observe your shingles. Are they lying completely flat against your roof's surface? Or do they seem cracked or buckling? If there're any of these signs, it is evidence that you may have a damaged roof on your hands. Damaged shingles ruin the aesthetic appeal of your house, and worse still, they'll eventually cause leaks. Undamaged shingles are crucial for adequate water damage protection.

Bouncy Roof Surface

Another way of detecting a damaged roof is by walking on your roof. Are there sections of the top that feel spongy? Also, as you walk, is there a subtle trampoline-like spring? Such issues signify that constant exposure to moisture has weakened the roof surface.

If you notice any of the mentioned signs, it is proof that you have a damaged roof and that calling roof specialists should be your next move. Note that ignoring one problem can be expensive in the long run since a single issue can deteriorate and cause extensive damage. Contact a roofing company for more information regarding damaged roofs.

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