5 Things To Consider When Replacing Roof Shingles

Whether you need a whole new roof or a simple repair, there are some things to keep in mind before replacing the shingles. The following questions can help you schedule the proper repair.

1. How Extensive Is the Shingle Damage?

Not all shingle replacements require a new roof. If the shingles aren't near the end of their expected lifespan and if the damage only affects a small area, you may be able to skip the full replacement. Your contractor will instead source matching shingles for the damaged area and only replace those shingles that need it. This is a cost-saving option if there is only a small amount of storm damage or damage from a leak.

2. Is the Decking In Good Condition?

The roof decking consists of plywood sheets that are attached to the trusses and that provide the nailing surface for the shingles. Small punctures in decking can be repaired, and the shingles over the puncture will require replacement. If there is extensive decking damage, such as water rot, all of the decking and all of the shingles must be replaced.

3. Will You Be Upgrading the Shingles?

Asphalt shingles come in a variety of styles, from basic and inexpensive two-tab shingles to more expensive architectural or fiberglass shingles. If you will be upgrading to a new color or shingle type, then you must replace all of the shingles. Not only will the difference in shingles be visible if you don't, but in some cases, it can affect the quality and water tightness of the roof.

4. Do You Need Ventilation Upgrades?

If your shingles seem to be degrading more quickly than they should or if there is moisture in the attic but you can't find any leaks, the problem may be with the ventilation system. Your roofer will verify that there are sufficient roof vents installed, both in the soffits and along the ridge. They may also recommend adding more vents along the main roof plane at the same time as shingle replacement.

5. Have Safety Standards Changed?

Upgrades in safety standards occur for a few reasons, which can include new technology as well as changing climate conditions. If standards have changed, you may be required to upgrade your roof at the time of shingle replacement. For example, new drip edge weatherguards may be needed, or it may be necessary to add hurricane strapping to the roof itself.

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