Seven Ways Single-Ply Roofing Can Improve Your Building

It's important to choose the right roof material for your building. One type of roofing that can offer numerous benefits that you should be aware of is single-ply roofing.

The following are seven ways that single-ply roofing can improve your building. 

Single-ply roofing doesn't require much maintenance.

There isn't much maintenance that's required to keep a single-ply roof in good shape over time. Other than having a professional periodically inspect your roof, there is little more that needs to be done on a routine basis in terms of maintenance.

The limited maintenance requirements of single-ply roofing make this roofing type more cost effective and convenient for building owners than other roofing options. 

Single-ply roofing offers energy efficiency.

Perhaps one of the best advantages of single-ply roofing is that it tends to reflect the sun. This improves energy efficiency and helps to minimize utility expenses that result from HVAC equipment operation.

Single-ply roofing is installed fairly quickly.

Labor costs are a significant part of the expense that goes along with putting a roof on a building. Fortunately, installation is relatively fast and simple when it comes to single-ply roofing.

This fast installation process makes it so that labor costs and therefore the overall costs of the roof are lower than they might be for some other types of roofs. 

Single-ply roofing stands up to stresses from the wind and other weather events well.

Buildings that are located in areas that frequently experience strong winds stand to benefit in particular from single-ply roofing.

Single-ply roofing is known to stand up well to high winds. This means that building owners will experience limited roof damage with single-ply roofing, even during severe wind storms. 

Single-ply roofing can be recycled.

One of the many great things about single-ply roofing is that it is completely recyclable. This makes single ply a great roofing material choice from an environmental perspective. 

Single-ply roofing can be used for many different types of roof design.

Single-ply roofing is known for being quite versatile from a design standpoint. This type of roofing can even be chosen for roofs with unconventional roof designs. 

Single-ply roofing is resistant to damage from UV radiation.

Single-ply roofing is also a good choice for environments where constant exposure to bright sunlight is likely. Single-ply roofing stands up well against fading from exposure to sunlight. Single ply is also known to resist ozone damage well. 

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