5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Home's Gutters

Old gutters aren't necessarily better than no gutters since issues with the gutters can cause damage to the home or landscaping. The following are a few of the reasons you should consider a gutter upgrade.

1. Stop Leaks

Leaks are mainly an issue with old gutters that have seams or are made of steel. Seamed gutters can fail at the seams when the sealants wear out, and it is difficult to reseal them well enough to make the effort worthwhile. Old steel gutters are prone to rust and corrosion, which leads to pinprick holes and leaks. Replacing the old gutters with seamless aluminum gutters solves both issues.

2. Prevent Overflows

Overflows from the gutters can cause water to leak down the siding of your home. This moisture can lead to rot on wood siding or mold growth behind any type of siding. The two main causes of overflows are clogs in the gutters and overly shallow gutters. Installing new deeper gutters with leaf guards on top can help solve both problems. 

3. Eliminate Rust

Old steel gutters were prone to rusting. The paint eventually wears off which exposes the metal to water and oxygen — the two ingredients needed for rust and corrosion. Upgrading to aluminum gutters is the answer since aluminum is rust resistant. Further, aluminum gutters are typically painted using a powder coating process, which resists fading and chipping.

4. Reduce Clogging

Clogs are the bane of any gutter system. Leaves and other debris can collect in gutter troughs or get lodged in downspouts, which leads to overflowing gutters and all the problems that creates. A leaf guard system installed over the top of the gutters helps solve the issue. New gutters can even be purchased with an integrated guard system. You will still need to clean the gutters occasionally and sweep debris off the top of the leaf guard, but major clogs will no longer be a problem.

5. Improve Runoff

Gutters have to route the water somewhere, and it may not be the ideal location if you have an older system. Some older gutters have short downspouts that simply route the water to a corner of the house near the foundation. A new system with downspout extensions can empty further out from the foundation. You can also have the gutters hooked into an underground drain that routes water into the stormwater system or to a nearby garden bed.

Contact a gutter contractor in your area if you are ready to update your old gutter system.

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