Got A Roof Leak? What To Do

When your roof is leaking, there are a number of reasons it may be happening. Just a few of them include deteriorating shingles, missing or damaged flashing, clogged gutters or downspouts, and ice damming. No one hopes for leaks to occur in the home, and in some cases, when you see the sight of water dripping from the ceiling, you may just want to break out into tears. However, with quick action, you may be able to minimize the potential damage. Here is what you need to do.

Minimize the Damage Inside the Home

You should begin by moving furniture out of the area where the leak is occurring. Don't forget to also move out electronics, valuables, sentimental items, and anything else that you do not want potentially damaged. If there is anything that you are unable to move, place a piece of plastic over them to keep the water from damaging them. Excess water can be wiped off of any wood furniture.

Contain the Water

Place pots, pans, buckets, plastic tubs, or other containers beneath the leak to catch the dripping water. If you happen to notice that the paint on your ceiling is beginning to bubble, take a small nail or pin and poke a hole in the paint, as this will help to release the water that is building up within the paint. If the water splashing into your pan or bucket is making a huge mess, consider attaching a piece of string to your ceiling and allowing the water to trickle down into your container.

Remove Any Water on the Floor

Water should be removed from the floor as soon as possible. This is particularly true for hardwood flooring. If you have throw rugs, remove them and vacuum up as much of the water as you can from carpeted areas, as well as the throw rows. Before any repairs or replacements begin, carpets and flooring should be completely dry.

Contact Your Insurance Company and a Roofing Company

If there is significant damage on the inside of your home, you should reach out to your insurance company. More often than not, the damage may be covered under your homeowner's insurance policy. You should also contact a roofing company to locate the leak's source and prevent further damage.

For more information on what steps to take when your roof is looking or to schedule an inspection, contact a roofing company near you.

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